• In all our activity we will commit ourselves to:

             •    Comply with applicable laws and regulations related with medical device manufacturing 

             •    Prioritize product and user safety,

             •    Design, develop, execute and maintain the effectiveness of the quality management system,

             •    Provide superior products and services to our customers,

             •    Communicate this system within the company and wherever necessary with our key partners.

             •    Aim to become a self-learning organization.

  • Team working of our employees and involvement of our steak holders to develop our process regarded as essential. 
  • Management with objectives together with measured values, will improve effectivity and efficiency.
  • The voice of inside and outside customers will be used to measure our performance.

Each Pergo member shall work accordingly to this policy. Department managers are responsible for implementation of the quality policy by all employee. Departments define performance parameters and issue these at the required time. Continuous improvement is maintained by effectively implementing quality system procedures.