Suction Liner, Suction Canister
  • Highly flexible and transparent suction liner bag.

           *  Super durability. Product would not damage even under

              toughest transport conditions or application.

           *  Less transport cost. Approximately %65 less box

              dimension compared to the same quantity of traditional


           *  Less storage cost.

           *  Less environmental waste.

           *  Economic.

  • Centralized and ergonomic removal handles.

           *  Easy suction liner removal with one hand

  • Fully automated quality control on each product. 
  • Wide measuring scale visible from 270 degrees for easy reading.
  • Canister scale accuracy: +/- 30ml.
  • Built-in brackets of canister provides easy mounting on walls, rail supports and trolleys.
  • Different suction tube options are available.
  • FDA registered.
  • CE marked.
  • Latex free.
05TD0129 Suction Liner 2000 ml Canister Set 
05TD0023 Suction Liner 2000 ml
05TD0061 Suction Liner 2000 ml with Solidifying Agent
05TD0013 Suction Liner Silicon Tube 
05TD0126 Suction Liner Wall Hanger Set 
05TD0128 Suction Liner Rail Hanger 
05TD0136 Suction Liner Serial Connection Tube 
05TD0176 Suction Liner Trolley - Stainless Steel
05TD0094 Suction Liner Extension Tube 180 cm with Connector
05TD0047 Suction Liner Vacuum T-Connector
05TD0454 Suction Liner Vacuum Control Valve L 
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